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"We have felt so welcomed ever since we moved to East Brunswick and joined YIEB. Children of varying ages play together like fond siblings, and synagogue members both new and old have reached out to get to know us. After the birth of our most recent child, we were in awe of the outpouring of support we received from the community - some of whom we had never even met before! YIEB is one of the warmest communities we have encountered, and we feel grateful to be raising our children here." – Sandra and Yoni Berkowitz

"When thinking about where to live we kept coming back to where Eliana grew up in East Brunswick. Growing up here in such a warm and friendly community is exactly what we wanted for our own family. Nobody cares how old you are or where you come from and you can be friends with anyone. We cannot wait to raise our family here." – Eliana and Koby Guralnik

"From our first visit, we felt a true sense of community. People in this community genuinely care about each other and those traits are passed on to the next generation of kids. We are really excited to raise our family here and consider ourselves lucky to have found this gem of a community." – Ruthie and Ely Rosenstock

"East Brunswick is one of the warmest communities we have ever encountered. Everyone at YIEB treats us as a son and daughter, brother and sister. In our shul everyone knows your name and every individual is an integral part of the whole. We also love how YIEB embraces diversity within the Orthodox community and is tremendously inclusive when it comes to the Jewish community at large." – Ilana and Mendy Bohm

"Our four children have grown up here, and YIEB plays an integral role in their lives. The entire community is so warm and caring. YIEB offers a wide array of programs for members of all ages. We are so glad that we chose East Brunswick as our home." – Larissa and Tony Elk

"From the first day we moved into East Brunswick, we were immediately welcomed by this warm and friendly community. Everyone made an effort to meet us and invite us over for a shabbat meal. Our children go to preschool and camp programs at the shul and have made their first and closest friends here. We feel extremely fortunate to be part of this great community." –​​​​​​​ Stacy and David Weissman​​​​​​​

"East Brunswick has been a wonderful place to raise our five children. Not only is it a warm, friendly community, but we especially love that we are friends with people of all ages. It is so nice to see the kids playing together around the neighborhood; it is not uncommon to see an eight year old playing ball with a teenager. East Brunswick truly is an extension of our family." –​​​​​​​ Lori and Jeff Moskowitz​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

Thu, June 13 2024 7 Sivan 5784