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YIEB Sisterhood









The YIEB Sisterhood is dedicated to building our shul in an environment of Torah values by bringing women together for fundraising, community programs, social events and ongoing support of the shul’s youth groups and kitchen facility.

Through annual fundraising efforts, the Sisterhood has provided the kitchen with new equipment and the youth department with a donation for building an expanded playground. In addition, the YIEB Sisterhood provides annual support to the YIEB Chesed Fund and subsidizes the salaries of our Shabbat youth group leaders.

When it comes to the YIEB Sisterhood, established over 30 years ago, there has never been a shortage of volunteers and dedicated members. Events and projects throughout the year include the paid-up membership dinner, the Gift Shop, Chanukah Boutique, Indoor Garage Sale, Mishloach Manot and the list goes on and on. A new event in recent years that has been a favorite social event, as well as fundraiser, is our annual Trivia Bowl. Our members keep working and giving. The Tri Synagogue Purim Carnival, the Passover Food Drive and the Middlesex County Kosher Meals on Wheels Program, to name just a few, are Sisterhood-supported community Chesed events. 

Our Sisterhood Appreciation Brunch in June is the manner in which the Sisterhood Board says Todah Raba at the end of each year to all our hard working volunteers.

Sun, October 20 2019 21 Tishrei 5780