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High Holiday Seating Request 2020/5781




Please read before filling out this form.  Below are the costs.  Please note that we are not taking payment at this time and your account will be billed later.


Family Membership

  • 2 free seats for the heads of the household
  • Additional seats cost $35 per seat per yom tov

Single Membership

  • 1 free seat for the head of the household
  • Additional seats cost $35 per seat per yom tov

All other membership types and non-members

  • $90 per seat per yom tov
  • All children are expected to have a purchased seat or not attend.  Babysitting will not be offered this year due to health and safety concerns

**************************PLEASE READ**************************

How To Fill Out This Form - NEW FOR THIS YEAR

OneBill and arrears must be addressed and the member account must be in good standing in order to reserve seats. 

Deadline for seat submission is August 9th. 

A few things to note about this years’ seating assignments:

  • All those attending minyan must wear a mask covering their mouth and nose at all times.
  • Anyone who needs to move around must do so in an area outside of shul property as the entire property will be utilized and any additional noise impacts others davening.
  • There will be no babysitting and the shul playground will be closed. All young children must stay with their parents, in their seats, at all times. 
  • While we will do our best to accommodate all seating requests, capacity limits due to social distancing may not allow for all requested participants to attend services. Requests will be filled in the following order:
    • Adults/heads of household
    • Children above the age of bar/bat mitzvah
    • Children below the age of bar/bat mitzvah
    • Guests
  • The Shul cannot guarantee that there will be a seat available for all requests (or one indoors/outdoors that fits your safety criteria) so this form does not include payment details. Your account will be charged once a seat is confirmed. 

Please note that if you have traveled to any of the states on the New Jersey Travel Advisory list within 14 days of the high holidays, you will not be allowed to join the minyan.  
Thank you for your help in making this yom tov as successful as possible given the current circumstances. As a reminder, please submit no later than August 9th. 
If you have any questions, please contact the seating committee at

Seat selection instructions
  1. Select the number of seats you need for each section (you can do this as many times as needed)
  3. Add additional details per seat. All are required. 
  4. Click on the "x" to the left of the seat if you want to delete it
  5. Repeat as necessary
  Name Location When * Member group* I will only attend an outside minyan* I am willing to attend an early minyan
Tue, August 4 2020 14 Av 5780